A METAL 1on1, do nordeste da Inglaterra (UK), divide suas ‘reviews’ em sete partes, chamando-as de os ‘Sete Pecados do Metal’.
Metal 1on1

Dessa vez, a #metal1on1 apontou os ‘sete pecados’ do Ep Fall Apart.

Segue abaixo a transcrição da review:

Dendraster -Ep - Fall Apart
Fall Apart Review

Sin I
Guitar/Bass: A injection of heavy/power cords, beautiful soft guitar sections and progressive-like riffs.

Sin II
Vocals: Beautiful and smoothly female vocals.

Drums: Alternative drums patterns and beats.

Sin IV
Overall: I welcome you to ‘Dendraster’ with their debut release, approximately nine minutes of the runtime of three tracks.

Soon as the listener presses that play button, where one is welcome to a musical- score of the three pieces, which delivers and provides a musical journey -a well-executed release.
“A Faxed Star of Beautiful Music”

Dendraster is a three-piece that allures the listener through a musical score and beautiful, magical vocals… where the name Dendraster is known as the sand dollar and sea biscuit. This animal carries a mystical and fanciful side. It was believed, in the past, to star falling from the sky, and even legends tell Dendraster would be lost coins from Atlantis people.

As one continues their fallen star-like journey –of music with only three pieces which deliver and provides a musical journey that’s magical and alluring (musicians themselves) are influenced by several bands and music genres. Still, in their compositions, they try to forget about everything they hear to reach their own sound identity in their musical world.

Fall Apart provides a fresh, vivid, and alluring release upon the listener’s ears and soul -capturing and delivering a professional, clear sound, both in the recording and production, all done in the duo’s own studio. At the same time, the composition of their music and lyrics are beautifully presented by well-thought-out & well-arranged/composed and inked work, while the instrumentation work delivered and provided by excellent craftsmanship and musicianship consisting of guitar work ranging from alternate/melodic riffage, heavy/power cords/beautiful soft guitar sections with progressive-like riffs co-side with soft-alternative drum patterns and beats -which are all surrounded by an atmosphere of beautiful and smoothly female vocals.

Personally, with their music that stands out -Fall Apart is a perfect and beautiful release that suits both metal/rock & non-metal/rock fans alike.

Sin V
Artwork: The album cover captures the feel and atmosphere of the music. As this heavenly feel and look to it.

Sin VI
Outstanding: Whole piece, the vocal work, artwork, etc.

Dislike: None

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